Salih Cartoon
Launched: November 14 2010 (Youtube) April 12 2015 (Livestream)
Owned By: Salih Corporation
Picture Format: 1080p (2010-)
  • Pover Of The TV! (2010-2014)
  • Cartoons And Cartoons! (2015-)

SalihCartoon was a imaginary tv channel founded by video1666 in 2010, in April 11 2015 Salihcartoon managed to make a test air on livestream and it started normal live streams on April 22 2015, livestreams are made usually once in 2 days between 9'o clock - 10'o clock (GMT+2) Livestream Channel. Its currently unavaliable on livestream. Channel Currently aires this shows/programmes:

  • New Problem
  • The World Of Animals
  • Mert's Adventures
  • Nostalgia (old videos)
  • Play Roblox Now
  • Everything is Random

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