Salih Cartoon Turkey
Launched: November 14 2010 (Youtube) May 1 2015 (Livestream)
Owned By: Salih Cartoon
Picture Format: 1080p (2010-)
  • Pover Of The TV! (2010-)

SalihCartoon Turkey is the Turkish version of salih cartoon, its started to get aired on LiveStream in 1 May 2015, It Features a color changing logo and logo changes color in most of shows, Logo Gets Colour Gold-Black in New Problem (notice that Turkish episodes are longer and contains some scenes that not shown in original) Logo Gets Green in Play Roblox Now, Logo doesn't changes colour in Old Videos.

Current Programs/Shows:

  • New Problem
  • Old Videos (Called Nostalgia in English SalihCartoon)
  • Play Roblox Now Season 2 (Edited and made it longer)

Planned To Air Soon:

  • Merts Adventures

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